Dear Depression, you won’t stop us.

Thank you for joining! I created this site to help those who have the same struggles as I do. It is to show that nobody is alone if you feel that you are. Depression does not define us; it feels like it does, but we won’t let it.

Screenshot 2018-09-11 at 9.32.42 AM.png




2 thoughts on “Dear Depression, you won’t stop us.

  1. Hi Deardepression, I am so excited that I found your blog page. You might not know it now but your blog will help a lot of people and I am so excited to follow up on your page weekly! A lot of people battle depression and are scared to talk to someone about it but this blog can really save lives. Your last sentence “Depression doesn’t define us; it thinks it does, but we won’t let it” really spoke volumes to me. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


  2. I love this post because it is very important that people know that they are not alone. The photo is really great and meaningful. My favorite part of this whole post is how you use the words us and we. It is another factor that shows we are not alone and we will overcome this together.


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